What You Need to Know about Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonWhat happens in a newborn photography session? What do I need to know and watch out? We will answer these questions to help you get ready for your upcoming session.

A newborn session is one where you have your newborn baby taken to the studio to have pictures taken. Sometimes, it could be the other way around where the photographer comes instead to take the pictures.

Formal/traditional style

In a formal session, the newborn is brought to the studio to have the pictures taken. In this session, the photographer prepares the set, the props and plan out the positions that can be used to your baby. All you need to do is arrive at the location on the appointed time.

Some photographers will tell you what you can do before arriving or right after arriving. It’s to feed the baby to have him sleep soundly throughout the session. It’s because the baby is easily woken up if it’s hungry and it’ll take some time to put him back to sleep. You will also be asked to have the baby clothed in something easy to take off from. When you arrive, the baby will be naked most of the time.

With that in mind, be sure to check the temperature of the room because the baby is naked. Ensure that the set has been properly cleaned as well. If the photographer is going to use a portable heater, you want to know that it is not too hot for your baby. It has to be just enough to prevent the cold wind in. A professional newborn photography London session should like the pictures in www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk.


A newborn photographer will be asked to come home to see if it will be a good place to have pictures taken. Bring the photographer around and discuss how some rooms can be used in the photography session. The best locations are the ones with a good amount of natural light in. That is why shooting outdoor is also recommended so long as the weather isn’t extreme.

A lifestyle session is a great choice for some considering how parents and the baby feels more comfortable in a familiar place. The mother is advised to also have pictures taken with the baby. It is also encouraged that the whole family takes pictures together with this chance (don’t forget your pets as well!)

Lifestyle session doesn’t need as many props from the photographer, although some do still bring as many. It focuses more on the set which is where the baby will grow up in and the props are usually only complementing the background. You can also offer to have your own props involved in the photography session. It could be an accessory or outfit that you want to see your baby in.

Remember that to plan a smooth newborn photography London session, you need to start thinking about it during your pregnancy and plan them out. It’ll be easier to make the necessary changes if your photographer has already agreed to be available during the promised date.

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