Here’s the Truth: You’re a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer Who’s Made Mistakes

Portsmouth wedding photographerIt’s not a sin to make mistakes that you never meant. But it is a sin if you made those mistakes and never planned to fix them. As a Portsmouth wedding photographer, there might be things that you’ve been doing it wrong, but nobody had the guts to step up and tell you about it. Well, fortunately, we’re here.

We’ll be the bad guys to point out the mistakes you shouldn’t be doing. Repeatedly, on top of that. So, before you shame yourself even further and cause discomfort for other guests, here you go.

1. What are you wearing?

A famous event organizer once ranted about this problem. Some wedding photographers find it hard to work while wearing formal outfits that limit their movements. They thought that attending a party would mean wearing formal like a guest and shoot silently in it. But then they realize that’s not good for their performance. So, they went with something more comfortable.

Something like a t-shirt and jeans. Or maybe shorts and tank-tops. It’s a hot summer.

No, don’t! These aren’t respecting the clients who have invited you over to the party to shoot for them. Wear something meant for the party; it’s part of your job and it’s called having the manner.

2. What are you bringing?

A photographer has to bring many things to a wedding. At first, you have to plan on the stuff that is necessary for every particular wedding. But then, there’s also the fact that you have to expect the problems that might happen and be prepared for it.

Problems that might never happen at all. And this is where a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer starts to compromise, says a professional from James White Photography.

You don’t know when something might happen or the sign of an incoming problem. Even so, you still need to prepare all the time. No compromising, bring what you know is necessary.

3. How are you working?

Each photographer has different working methods. You can be the type that likes to have everything prepared and planned. There are photographers who prefer to be impromptu with minimum preparation. They like to be inspired by the place when capturing the pictures because the best shots are always the ones that are not planned.

But let’s get more specific about this. Do you let your inspiration override the common sense that makes you crawl in front of the stage? This is quite the obvious example that you shouldn’t follow. You probably don’t do this, but do you do similar things during reception or ceremony?

4. Do you listen to your clients?

Listening to your clients is important. A professional Portsmouth wedding photographer must have the willingness to his clients. You are capturing the pictures for them and you need the pictures to be of their liking. But you cannot know if you never try to listen to them. Ask them questions and let them feel comfortable to talk to you about their wedding.

You need to learn to listen and find out what they want. You also have to ask them when you feel like they are not telling you everything they want.

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