Find the Right Wedding Videography Waterford Service with This Guide

wedding videography WaterfordThere has been a lot of articles as well as wedding videography Waterford sites promoting themselves as the best videographers. On the other hand, most couples who are about to get married have zero experience in hiring a wedding videographer, let alone how to see if one is professional.

What can you do to make sure that you are looking for the right wedding videographer?

Know the styles

Compared to the wedding videos that your parents and grandparents had, people these days have much more choices when it’s about choosing their videographer. They also come with various styles and presentations and you might end up not knowing where to start looking!

There is the traditional style, cinematic style and lastly, music/marryoke wedding videos. Each of them has their own pros and cons with more people leaning towards cinematic style, away from the traditional approach.

Traditional is that lengthy 4-hour video that shows a complete recording of your wedding day. It usually has that part where you see the guests enter the room one by one and how the whole reception party went on. When it gets to the part of taking clips of the couple and family members formally, they all look stiff and awkward in front of it.

Cinematic style is also sometimes called documentary style. Some people think they are different while others may think of them as the same. As a matter of fact, it can be up to what the photographer wishes to call it. Basically, the wedding video is done to look like a movie that you see in cinemas. The takes in that wedding videography Waterford are done without you realizing it.

For a professional like, it takes a full day clip to create up to two hours of a cinematic movie of your day. Usually, it gets much shorter than that. A documentary-style usually has the family members and friends more involved as the photographer slips in bits of their interview regarding your wedding.

A marryoke is similar to making a music video based on your wedding day. It’s obviously more time-consuming in terms of recording. A lot of people have to be involved and there has to be a separate time to record it. It’s obviously as short as an MV and can probably become an addition to your other wedding videography packages.

Know what you love

After you know the range of styles that exist in the market, it’s time to decide the one that you want. Watch the portfolio to see if you will like the style of the current videographer. The more cinematic and editing it requires, the more expensive it gets.

When you interview the videographer, ask questions that pertain to your wedding such as their working methods. Will they be requiring a lot of participation from friends and family? Will, there be a lot of equipment or will the videographer work only with his camera? You want to make that you are looking for a wedding videographer Waterford service that doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable but also capture everything you want about the wedding at the right dose.

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