Attending a Wedding Rehearsal for a Wedding Photographer Adelaide

wedding photographer AdelaideThe wedding rehearsal is a closed event in which the couple invites close friends, family members and sometimes, their wedding photographer Adelaide, to have fun. It’s basically to get everyone used to what’s going to happen during the ceremony, such as when and where should the couple walk and stand. Everyone has to stand on their designated positions, perhaps, marked with colored tapes to get them to stand at the right place.

And the role of a photographer invited here is to help them observe the rehearsal. Because they want you to take pictures of all that is going to happen and they want to make sure that not even a single problem appears.


The most important thing you can do when attending rehearsals is to practice your shots. You may have years of experience in taking pictures, but every wedding is different in what your clients want you to do. They can also be different in terms of the theme of the party and the decorations that are done with it.

It’s not just a practice for you, but also for your clients! They were never the best models in wedding photography, so practice sessions like this will help them realize how to appear best for their own pictures.

Practice makes perfect and it’s so much more important in wedding photography.

Increase your networking

Not just that, most clients invite their parents and friends as well, so you get to introduce yourself to more people. Who knows, there might be other couples that are looking for a wedding photographer. If you own a site like, it will make it easier for them to look you up if they need a wedding photographer Adelaide.

You get to meet a lot of people, but most importantly, you can improve your relationship with your clients and their family members. Parents are important people to the couples and getting to know them better will make them feel more comfortable around you.

To show respect

Your clients have kindly invited you to their rehearsal in hopes that you will come. They might have their own reasons and it’s only right to accept the invitation whenever possible. Spending a few more hours for your clients who have invested thousands of dollars in you is only one way to improve your relationship with them.

Snap some moments away!

Rehearsal is one of the best wedding moments according to a lot of couples who managed to keep some pictures during it. It’s not stressful, the atmosphere was really cheerful and everyone was so focused on having fun. No pressure because everything is still a practice, so you can make mistakes and just laugh it off.

Many photographers took this chance to take some pictures to be included in their clients’ album. It’s a great way to give hidden bonuses in their album, showing the differences between the rehearsal and their actual wedding procession.

As a professional wedding photographer Adelaide, can you see yourself attending the rehearsal the next time you are invited? It’s definitely going an evening of your time, but will you be able to focus on the benefits that you and your clients can get out of it?

The Shotlist That Your Wedding Photographer Essex Needs

wedding photographer EssexThere have been many different opinions on making shotlist for your wedding photographer Essex. Some really encourage the idea and others, not so much. Many have done it before and maybe, many photographers have not complained about it to them. So, is it a good thing or a bad thing to do?

Important to note that photographers are pretty reluctant when it comes to rejecting your requests and suggestions. Even when they really hinder your photographer, they also considered the fact that they don’t want you to think they are way too full of themselves to reject it. It can be hard to not sound like it when you are not a photographer yourself either.

So, here’s the fact: the kind of shotlist you make can be helpful or simply a nuisance to the photographer. And we want you to avoid the latter.

Trust in the professional

Your photographer sorts of know what couples need for their wedding pictures collection because it’s what they do for years. They are paid, trained and experienced to especially capture these pictures that are already like breakfast to these photographers. You don’t have to tell them to take pictures of your wedding kiss or the first dance, do you?

But because some people think that, hey, they might forget about it. No, they won’t. Trust in them as the professional wedding photographer Essex you paid for the job. Not in that long article which might not actually consider how it will affect the photographer while he works.

What you want

Your photographer knows what every couple including you need to be taken pictures of. What they don’t know now is what you want. You might want him to note that the souvenirs were handmade by your grandma (or at least the recipe of the bonbons). Or maybe how some places had deep meanings for you and loved ones.

Justin Bailey Photography is one of the most professional places we know and the wedding photographer Essex based we’ll recommend to anyone there. This is what agrees as to the use of shotlist for wedding photographers.

Don’t force it!

Some photographers have a different way of reacting to shotlists when they are not suitable to what they think. Important to instead of shoving them, you can ask them about it. “What do you think about this list of things? If you need more details, you can call me anytime.” This makes it easy for them to tell you what they think about it.

You are not just hiring a photographer here. They are like your partners who will help make sure that it’s going to be the best day you will ever remember. Even when you can’t, they will be there to help you by taking great pictures of it.

Your wedding photographer Essex will really love it if you make it easy for them to work for you. There are usually tends of other clients, each with their own special requests and if you make it easy for him to understand it, they will love to work for you. They will also be more inclined to do their best.

Here’s the Truth: You’re a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer Who’s Made Mistakes

Portsmouth wedding photographerIt’s not a sin to make mistakes that you never meant. But it is a sin if you made those mistakes and never planned to fix them. As a Portsmouth wedding photographer, there might be things that you’ve been doing it wrong, but nobody had the guts to step up and tell you about it. Well, fortunately, we’re here.

We’ll be the bad guys to point out the mistakes you shouldn’t be doing. Repeatedly, on top of that. So, before you shame yourself even further and cause discomfort for other guests, here you go.

1. What are you wearing?

A famous event organizer once ranted about this problem. Some wedding photographers find it hard to work while wearing formal outfits that limit their movements. They thought that attending a party would mean wearing formal like a guest and shoot silently in it. But then they realize that’s not good for their performance. So, they went with something more comfortable.

Something like a t-shirt and jeans. Or maybe shorts and tank-tops. It’s a hot summer.

No, don’t! These aren’t respecting the clients who have invited you over to the party to shoot for them. Wear something meant for the party; it’s part of your job and it’s called having the manner.

2. What are you bringing?

A photographer has to bring many things to a wedding. At first, you have to plan on the stuff that is necessary for every particular wedding. But then, there’s also the fact that you have to expect the problems that might happen and be prepared for it.

Problems that might never happen at all. And this is where a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer starts to compromise, says a professional from James White Photography.

You don’t know when something might happen or the sign of an incoming problem. Even so, you still need to prepare all the time. No compromising, bring what you know is necessary.

3. How are you working?

Each photographer has different working methods. You can be the type that likes to have everything prepared and planned. There are photographers who prefer to be impromptu with minimum preparation. They like to be inspired by the place when capturing the pictures because the best shots are always the ones that are not planned.

But let’s get more specific about this. Do you let your inspiration override the common sense that makes you crawl in front of the stage? This is quite the obvious example that you shouldn’t follow. You probably don’t do this, but do you do similar things during reception or ceremony?

4. Do you listen to your clients?

Listening to your clients is important. A professional Portsmouth wedding photographer must have the willingness to his clients. You are capturing the pictures for them and you need the pictures to be of their liking. But you cannot know if you never try to listen to them. Ask them questions and let them feel comfortable to talk to you about their wedding.

You need to learn to listen and find out what they want. You also have to ask them when you feel like they are not telling you everything they want.

Find the Right Wedding Videography Waterford Service with This Guide

wedding videography WaterfordThere has been a lot of articles as well as wedding videography Waterford sites promoting themselves as the best videographers. On the other hand, most couples who are about to get married have zero experience in hiring a wedding videographer, let alone how to see if one is professional.

What can you do to make sure that you are looking for the right wedding videographer?

Know the styles

Compared to the wedding videos that your parents and grandparents had, people these days have much more choices when it’s about choosing their videographer. They also come with various styles and presentations and you might end up not knowing where to start looking!

There is the traditional style, cinematic style and lastly, music/marryoke wedding videos. Each of them has their own pros and cons with more people leaning towards cinematic style, away from the traditional approach.

Traditional is that lengthy 4-hour video that shows a complete recording of your wedding day. It usually has that part where you see the guests enter the room one by one and how the whole reception party went on. When it gets to the part of taking clips of the couple and family members formally, they all look stiff and awkward in front of it.

Cinematic style is also sometimes called documentary style. Some people think they are different while others may think of them as the same. As a matter of fact, it can be up to what the photographer wishes to call it. Basically, the wedding video is done to look like a movie that you see in cinemas. The takes in that wedding videography Waterford are done without you realizing it.

For a professional like, it takes a full day clip to create up to two hours of a cinematic movie of your day. Usually, it gets much shorter than that. A documentary-style usually has the family members and friends more involved as the photographer slips in bits of their interview regarding your wedding.

A marryoke is similar to making a music video based on your wedding day. It’s obviously more time-consuming in terms of recording. A lot of people have to be involved and there has to be a separate time to record it. It’s obviously as short as an MV and can probably become an addition to your other wedding videography packages.

Know what you love

After you know the range of styles that exist in the market, it’s time to decide the one that you want. Watch the portfolio to see if you will like the style of the current videographer. The more cinematic and editing it requires, the more expensive it gets.

When you interview the videographer, ask questions that pertain to your wedding such as their working methods. Will they be requiring a lot of participation from friends and family? Will, there be a lot of equipment or will the videographer work only with his camera? You want to make that you are looking for a wedding videographer Waterford service that doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable but also capture everything you want about the wedding at the right dose.

What You Need to Know about Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonWhat happens in a newborn photography session? What do I need to know and watch out? We will answer these questions to help you get ready for your upcoming session.

A newborn session is one where you have your newborn baby taken to the studio to have pictures taken. Sometimes, it could be the other way around where the photographer comes instead to take the pictures.

Formal/traditional style

In a formal session, the newborn is brought to the studio to have the pictures taken. In this session, the photographer prepares the set, the props and plan out the positions that can be used to your baby. All you need to do is arrive at the location on the appointed time.

Some photographers will tell you what you can do before arriving or right after arriving. It’s to feed the baby to have him sleep soundly throughout the session. It’s because the baby is easily woken up if it’s hungry and it’ll take some time to put him back to sleep. You will also be asked to have the baby clothed in something easy to take off from. When you arrive, the baby will be naked most of the time.

With that in mind, be sure to check the temperature of the room because the baby is naked. Ensure that the set has been properly cleaned as well. If the photographer is going to use a portable heater, you want to know that it is not too hot for your baby. It has to be just enough to prevent the cold wind in. A professional newborn photography London session should like the pictures in


A newborn photographer will be asked to come home to see if it will be a good place to have pictures taken. Bring the photographer around and discuss how some rooms can be used in the photography session. The best locations are the ones with a good amount of natural light in. That is why shooting outdoor is also recommended so long as the weather isn’t extreme.

A lifestyle session is a great choice for some considering how parents and the baby feels more comfortable in a familiar place. The mother is advised to also have pictures taken with the baby. It is also encouraged that the whole family takes pictures together with this chance (don’t forget your pets as well!)

Lifestyle session doesn’t need as many props from the photographer, although some do still bring as many. It focuses more on the set which is where the baby will grow up in and the props are usually only complementing the background. You can also offer to have your own props involved in the photography session. It could be an accessory or outfit that you want to see your baby in.

Remember that to plan a smooth newborn photography London session, you need to start thinking about it during your pregnancy and plan them out. It’ll be easier to make the necessary changes if your photographer has already agreed to be available during the promised date.

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