Attending a Wedding Rehearsal for a Wedding Photographer Adelaide

wedding photographer AdelaideThe wedding rehearsal is a closed event in which the couple invites close friends, family members and sometimes, their wedding photographer Adelaide, to have fun. It’s basically to get everyone used to what’s going to happen during the ceremony, such as when and where should the couple walk and stand. Everyone has to stand on their designated positions, perhaps, marked with colored tapes to get them to stand at the right place.

And the role of a photographer invited here is to help them observe the rehearsal. Because they want you to take pictures of all that is going to happen and they want to make sure that not even a single problem appears.


The most important thing you can do when attending rehearsals is to practice your shots. You may have years of experience in taking pictures, but every wedding is different in what your clients want you to do. They can also be different in terms of the theme of the party and the decorations that are done with it.

It’s not just a practice for you, but also for your clients! They were never the best models in wedding photography, so practice sessions like this will help them realize how to appear best for their own pictures.

Practice makes perfect and it’s so much more important in wedding photography.

Increase your networking

Not just that, most clients invite their parents and friends as well, so you get to introduce yourself to more people. Who knows, there might be other couples that are looking for a wedding photographer. If you own a site like, it will make it easier for them to look you up if they need a wedding photographer Adelaide.

You get to meet a lot of people, but most importantly, you can improve your relationship with your clients and their family members. Parents are important people to the couples and getting to know them better will make them feel more comfortable around you.

To show respect

Your clients have kindly invited you to their rehearsal in hopes that you will come. They might have their own reasons and it’s only right to accept the invitation whenever possible. Spending a few more hours for your clients who have invested thousands of dollars in you is only one way to improve your relationship with them.

Snap some moments away!

Rehearsal is one of the best wedding moments according to a lot of couples who managed to keep some pictures during it. It’s not stressful, the atmosphere was really cheerful and everyone was so focused on having fun. No pressure because everything is still a practice, so you can make mistakes and just laugh it off.

Many photographers took this chance to take some pictures to be included in their clients’ album. It’s a great way to give hidden bonuses in their album, showing the differences between the rehearsal and their actual wedding procession.

As a professional wedding photographer Adelaide, can you see yourself attending the rehearsal the next time you are invited? It’s definitely going an evening of your time, but will you be able to focus on the benefits that you and your clients can get out of it?

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